Long Term Conditions

If you have a long term condition, like diabetes or asthma, our team will help you manage your condition. Everyone with a long term condition can expect to be invited to a yearly review to monitor their condition and help them manage it. Further NHS information is provided in the following links.


Pregnancy and Children

If you think you are pregnant you can self refer for you maternity care by clicking here. If you have any concerns please contact us to arrange an appointment.

After your child is born we will continue to monitor their development providing an 8 week check and immunisations when due. We also provide a post natal check for new mothers.



We can organise these tests when required, some are carried out by other healthcare organisations.


Screening Tests

Screening is a way of finding out if people are at higher risk of a health problem, so that early treatment can be offered or information given to help them make informed decisions. Further information is available using the below links:


Sexual Health / Family Planning

Anyone with a concern about their sexual health can see a nurse or GP to discuss it further; whether it’s about contraception, periods, sexually transmitted infections, pregnancy, contraception or abortion. Please contact the surgery. The nurse or GP will be able to advise on and provide available contraceptive options, including emergency contraception.


Travel Vaccinations and Non-NHS Services

If you require any vaccinations relating to foreign travel you will need to make an appointment with a nurse. This initial appointment must be at least 6 weeks before you travel.


The NHS does not pay for all of the services we provide, so patients may be required to pay for some of these services. Our fees are in line with BMA approved national guidelines.



These services are provided in house by our nursing team.


Health Checks

We carry out NHS health checks to patients who are aged 40 to 74. You will be invited to attend your Health Check when it is due.